ERP Services

ERP Services

Posted by wisseninfotech | February 25, 2015 | Services

We offer alternatives in ERP that are smarter and ROI-driven

Although we have named this service as ‘ERP Services’ these are not meant exclusively for enterprise-level organizations. Whether you are a small or an expanding business or an already-established organization, under this service head, we will strive for the same goal for you — Unparalleled Success.

Our goal at Wissen is to support you by giving you the freedom to succeed. One way of realizing that goal could be through our expertise in functional, technical and implementation aspects of industry-standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software like SAP, Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft etc. Therefore, no matter the size of your business, we can tailor our solution for you.

While ERP has long been considered the sole domain of large enterprises, increasingly, midscale organizations have begun taking advantage of the benefits of ERP. A clever integration of ERP solutions with business analytics, for example, has begun to give companies access to insightful data in real-time, leading to smarter and quicker decision-making. For them, our ERP expertise is the backbone that gives strength and advanced capabilities to their businesses.

In the past, we have helped dozens of mid-size organizations increase their ERP investments while reducing their implementation costs. With a customer-centric philosophy that begins with a deep understanding of your specific business needs, we are able to customize our solutions and offer you just the core functionality that you need.

When companies engage us, they put their business in our hands. We don’t take this trust for granted – We deliver!
Our ERP Services include:

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