• Thought you might be interested in a very basic metric of our offshore utilization with Wissen - It is over 240% growth in total utilization!

    Thanks Ashok, Wow! Lots of activity. The Wissen team continues to be an integral part of the DBA+ Team.

    George Gesior / DBA Manager - Major Healthcare Company in Wisconsin

  • Thank you for handling this request on such short notice. Thanks for taking such clear ownership of this project. Without your help here, I think we never could have gotten our arms around this conversion to developer 6i. Thanks very much. You guys have saved us once again!!

    Merle Steelman / Lead DBA, Oracle Applications – Major Healthcare Company in Wisconsin

  • Thanks giving is a time for thanks. Let me take this time to thank Wissen team for all their great efforts. You make our lives, and the lives of the people, we both support, much better.

    Dan Levin / Lead DBA, Oracle Applications – Major Healthcare Company in Wisconsin

  • Oh, you guys are too much! :-) Thank you!

    The cautiousness and persistence of the offshore team gave me the confidence for future patch requests to be fulfilled¦ Great! This is a very important support for Nancy and I. It will improve the time and accuracy of the backups and save Nancy and me, some setup time in making sure that the databases have full valid backups.

    Linda White / Lead DBA, Data Warehousing - Major Healthcare Company in Wisconsin

  • Please accept my sincere thanks for getting this done on such a short notice. We had a critical deadline to meet, and get everything tested and it helped greatly to get this db rebuilt this quickly! Thanks again.

    Ronald V. Larson / Team Lead, Application Development - Major Healthcare Company in Wisconsin

  • Thanks to this team's commitment for sticking to the timeline/budget along with producing high quality IT deliverables on this strategic project.

    Jim Pawlowski / IT Director, World's largest toy manufacturing company

  • Thanks a lot for your support on the implementation and completion of one of the biggest ERP projects - and all the other important projects in the past!

    Your contribution to the success of the project(s) was significant, taking into consideration that you were available to support the project team 24 hours a day, across all time zones. Your prompt interaction with the project team was much appreciated and definitely made a difference!

    LabriniStathonikou / IT Project Manager/Lead BA - World's largest toy manufacturing company

  • I would like to amplify Labrini's kind words. I am very, very grateful for your excellent support of this project and for your support on numerous other initiatives, over the years.

    I just finished my weekly SOX review of login activity and found that all the login records for your team were complete and accurate. The team has been doing well with this lately, and this week was exceptional! Please pass along my thanks to your team. I very much appreciate you providing this information. The document you attached opened my eyes about some new options for standby databases.

    Jason Reichhoff / Director, Global DB Services - World's largest toy manufacturing company

  • Go get some sleep... and tell your team that they did an outstanding job, this weekend!

    This is good research.

    Justin Morton / Director, Enterprise Architecture - Dresser Inc

  • Thank you for bringing the application errors to my attention. We appreciate your assistance.

    Thank you for your extra efforts this week as we struggled to get back on track with our weekend and weekday activities.

    Carol Honeycutt / Business Analyst-App Development & Maintenance, CarQuest - leading chain of stores in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

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